Weekly Guide to your Baby’s Nine Months Development in your Womb – Week Thirteen

Your pregnancy week by week

Pregnancy goes on for nine months and there’s lots happening every week. If you’re curious to find out more about how your baby is growing read on ……

WEEK 13: This is the beginning of a period of rapid growth, your baby’s legs and arms will lengthen and their body will increase in size. Around this time you’ll be offered your first dating or booking scan. Performed at between 10 and 16 weeks, this 20 minute scan is used to date your pregnancy by measuring your baby’s size and find out how many babies you’re expecting. From 12 weeks some private companies can offer the latest 4DFREEVIEW™ technology to give you a 3D moving picture of your baby. With a 4DFREEVIEW™ pregnancy scan you’ll get to see your baby’s internal organs  ̶ including their heart beating, and a checklist of other signs indicating their wellbeing will be completed.


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