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Shoulder pain has become a common complaint of a significant number of individuals nowadays. This should be addressed immediately because the shoulder joint is one of the most used joints in the body; as such, any detrimental condition in this area will definitely hamper one’s day and cause him/her to discomfort. Therefore, you should get it looked at, otherwise, it could have a serious effect on your overall well-being.

Determining the cause of shoulder pain

Despite the frequency of shoulder pain, determining its cause can be quite tricky since the shoulder joint is a very complicated one. For one, shoulder pain can be caused by several factors and ironic as it may seem, lifting or pushing heavy loads and lack of physical activity can contribute to its development. In addition, it can be caused by health conditions such as bursitis, inflammation of the tendons, soft tissue swelling, frozen shoulder syndrome, shoulder dislocation, as well as many more.


In addition to self-medication, rest, ice, compression, among other injury treatments, there are a wide array of effective treatments out there that are specifically designed to help those who are affected by any of these conditions. If symptoms persist after trying any of the above treatments, it would be best to seek professional advise, one of these is to have a musculoskeletal (upper limb) scan which can be performed by reliable ultrasound providers such as Ultrasound Direct who have clinics throughout the UK.

Undergoing musculoskeletal (Shoulder Ultrasound) scan

An ultrasound can be a very effective “first look” at persistent or severe aches and pains in various joints (especially the shoulder), before using more expensive imaging modalities such as MRI.

The musculoskeletal (upper limb) scan, uses ultrasound technology which means that high frequency sound waves are transmitted to the skin so as to obtain images that can pinpoint the cause of shoulder pain and discomfort. Its primary purpose is to scrupulously examine the rotator cuff, shoulder, fingers or hand, arm, for conditions that may affect regular movements.

Based on the extent of the injury, a musculoskeletal scan may also include careful examination of the tendons, ligaments, joints, soft-tissue swellings, and bursa for conditions such as bursitis, arthritis, subacromial impingement, tears, calcific tendinosis, among other degenerative conditions.

Opting for tried and tested facilities

It should be noted though that not all musculoskeletal scan facilities provide the same quality of service with up-to date, sophisticated clinical equipment. With this, you should not just sign up for any test unless a tried and tested clinic provider performs it.

If you’re still in the process of looking one yourself, then stop the hassle and go to Ultrasound Direct, a reputable ultrasound company that is throughout the UK.

For only £99.00 (inclusive of all fees), you can have a musculoskeletal shoulder ultrasound scan that is more detailed than those that are offered by other ultrasound providers. Plus, experienced medical professionals that are specifically trained to provide an utmost service, perform these scans. Making a reservation is also easy since you can either do it over the Internet, using their sophisticated booking system in the comfort of your own home, or over the telephone.

So, if you’re bothered with shoulder pain and discomfort, don’t leave it to get worse, and book yourself into a first look scan to see what needs looking at.