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If you’re a soon-to-be mum who just scheduled her four-dimensional (4D) baby scan, then you’ve made the right choice because by capturing crystal clear images of your unborn child, you’ll cherish your pregnancy even more.

To appreciate this procedure, it would be best to familiarize yourself how it works and how it is different from two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) baby scans.

Like 2D and 3D baby scans, a 4D baby scan is achieved with the use of sound waves that are emitted through the body. What makes it unique from the previously mentioned scans is the fact that the images that are produced in a 4D scan are moving. With this, you can achieve a mini movie clip that stars your pride and glory. The pictures are very clear and come with crisp details.

That’s not all, if you’ll opt for a 4D HD baby scan, you can obtain the mini-clip in high definition. Obviously, undergoing a 4D or 4D HD baby scan is well worth your time, money, and effort.

A 4D baby scan utilises the same concepts that are used in 2D and 3D baby scans, but due to technological advancements, you can achieve more detailed images of your unborn child’s face, toes, fingers, and other body parts.

By undergoing a 4D or 4D HD baby scan, you can somewhat bond with your baby even before he/she is born. Also, don’t worry about the safety as well as the accuracy of the procedure because they are performed by professional Sonographers that are trained to pay attention to the tiniest detail.


Having a 4D baby scan is arguably the best thing that you can do as a soon-to-be mum who wants to cherish her pregnancy. On the other hand, before signing up for such service, make sure that you’ll choose the right service provider because not all ultrasound scan clinics are created equal and some have more sophisticated equipment than others.

When it comes to finances, don’t worry about going overboard because many tried and tested companies charge very affordable rates despite their award-winning services and state-of-the-art facilities.