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Mothers know that being pregnant is a priceless experience for any woman. They say that there is a life-changing bond that is developed between the expectant mother and the unborn child during this period. It is a good thing that because of technological advancements, the growth of one’s unborn child can be monitored and at the same time documented through ultrasound scans.

At present, soon-to-be-mums can opt for 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound scans to achieve incredible images of their baby at different stages of their pregnancy.

While there are actually 8 different kinds of ultrasound scans, doctors usually recommend two ultrasound scans during the whole 9-month period. The first one is called the dating scan and it is usually done about 10 to 16 weeks of pregnancy. During this particular scan, the Sonographer will analyze the heartbeat of the unborn child, check if there are one or multiple foetuses, and then validate the delivery date.

The second scan is called the anomaly scan and it is usually done about 19 to 24 weeks of the pregnancy and it is performed to see if there are physical abnormalities present.

On the other hand, those who want to cherish the growth of their unborn child should also include a bonding scan in their ultrasound scan list. This particular scan is beneficial not only because clients will not only get souvenir photos after the procedure, they may also get to know the gender as well as the state of health of their young one since many bonding scans out there also include a well-being check, growth report and optional sexing at no extra charge.

Bonding scans are generally offered in 2D formats, but those who wish to get a detailed appearance of their baby should opt for 3D or 4D scan which delivers clearer pictures. HD 4D scans are even far better because it delivers images in moving pictures, enabling clients to achieve a mini-movie at high definition.


Ultrasound pregnancy scans are perfect for soon-to-be-mums who value their pregnancy and want to capture the priceless moments of their unborn child. The crisp and clear photos or movie clips (for those who’ll opt for HD 4D scans) are excellent mementos for those who want to cherish one of the best moments of their life.