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Anomaly scans and pregnancy scans in general are great ways to help ensure mothers that their pregnancy as well as their baby is progressing along nicely. Pregnancy can be such a nerve wracking experience for first time mothers and this stress does exactly bode well for the infant as well. A quick solution to calm the minds of mothers is by simply scheduling for a pregnancy scan. This is best performed 12 weeks and onwards during the pregnancy in order to give sonographers a much more developed infant to look at and getting a better description if the baby is healthy or not. Anomaly scans are conducted midway through the pregnancy when the fetus will have more familiar features for sonographers to examine.


Anomaly scans can be described as the ones that are most recommended by obstetricians. It is scheduled within 18 to 24 weeks of gestation. This is the point of the pregnancy when the baby is already completely developed with all the necessary organs already functioning. While these vital organs are still not up to 100%, a sonographer will be able to detect any abnormalities by simply measuring their sizes. The circumference of the head will indicate if there are any brain defects developing; the size of the heart as well as its two chambers can provide information whether it is pumping blood correctly. The length of the spine is also a factor when determining whether all the other bones are establishing correctly.


Being informed of the current status of the infant is very important as they are still in such a vulnerable state and any action done by the mother can inherently affect the yet unborn child. Anomaly scan can help instruct the mother if changes in their eating habits or daily rituals are needed to guarantee the safety of the child. Anomaly scans also include blood work in order to determine whether the fetus is developing any health conditions such as Down syndrome, Edward syndrome and any other open neural tube complications during the second and third trimester of the pregnancy.


Identifying and complications developing from the pregnancy can not only save the baby’s life but also the mother’s. While it is unlikely that you would find any complications with your baby during pregnancy, there is absolutely nothing wrong with making sure. Having appropriate knowledge can be the only difference separating a healthy and safe delivery of the baby from dangers that can surface at the last moment during labor. Every mother wants only the best for their child and scheduling pregnancy scans both dating and anomaly scan will make all the difference during this exceptional period of a woman’s life.