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Fetal anomaly scan is an absolute must for pregnant women today as it can greatly reduce the complications that can arise in the delivery of the baby. As medical statics will point out, infants who were discovered to have some abnormalities early during the pregnancy was able to be cured at a higher rate than those infants with abnormalities that were discovered just a few hours before delivery. The reason is that when anomaly scans are conducted and such malformations are detected, the doctors will have ample time to prepare and even prescribe some medications in order to lessen or even eliminate the abnormality before the due date.

There are different forms malformations that can be discovered during pregnancy and while these are all fairly uncommon, one cannot risk even the remotest possibility that their baby will develop such complications. Almost all abnormalities can be discovered 12 weeks and onwards of pregnancy by performing ultrasound scans. By detecting these complications early the parent and doctors will be given enough time to take all the necessary procedures to rectify the problem.

The chances of these health problems leading to the need of surgery are also present. This is a risky procedure but it has been proven that infant’s that were discovered with such complications that needed immediate surgery were able to grow without experiencing any health problems. The worst case scenario here would be the termination of the pregnancy as the only possible resort. This is a difficult decision for any family to make, not to mention the pain it can cause to the mother. The provided window to decide whether to terminate the pregnancy is 24 weeks in the United States compared to other countries like India which only gives people the 20th week to make a decision. The crucial four weeks is important for families to make a consensus decision to terminate or continue the pregnancy.

Decisions regarding the baby’s well-being are always the most difficult one to make if the cause is negative. This is another reason anomaly scans are recommended. Being posed with the question regarding the pregnancy can be jarring if given without notice. For a mother, it must be in their main interest to ensure that their pregnancy is coming along nicely. It only takes half an hour to conduct an anomaly scan, that’s a short time compared to numerous benefits and advantage a mother can get from one. It’s not really a question whether to schedule for a pregnancy scan, the question is do you want what is best for your baby?