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The ultrasound scans have never been more popular and although they are not 100% clear and accurate, they represent a good method to take a look inside the human organism. If anything unusual is spotted, the sonographer can always ask for more sophisticated tests, but since this procedure is not invasive, it represents a good starting point. Without the proper knowledge, a lot of patients feel anxious towards the medical aspects they cannot understand and such procedures are just as popular. The device works with sound waves and their frequency is so high that they may not even hear them. When they get scanned with something they cannot see or hear, the people automatically associate it with the harmful radiation, although the two medical techniques have absolutely nothing in common.


What damage can ultrasound cause?

The ultrasound scans have been used to diagnose and analyze bodies for more than three decades already. Although they are just as useful to diagnose some diseases, most cases imply the pregnant women willing to analyze their babies in order to make sure that everything is going according to the plan. The sound waves have zero secondary reactions. Although a series of research tests have been conducted meanwhile, no evidence has been revealed to suggest that such a machine can harm the aspirant mother or the unborn baby. There are places where the scans are used at least once during a pregnancy, while most programs recommend a few scans on a regular basis, only to monitor the baby evolution.


What are the limitations?

The ultrasound scans may be extremely useful, but they have their limitations too. The image you will see does not have the clarity you expect, but an experienced sonographer can always figure out if something is not appropriate. As for the baby, you might get a shape or perhaps a face if you are lucky enough, but this is it. The machine can definitely provide some useful information about the fetus, pregnancy, potential problems or malformations. However, it is not the answer to every medical issue. Although the image results are usually good enough, it does not mean that a baby will be 100% healthy and normal.


Aside from pregnancies, the device is used to identify various problems, such as tumors, lumps and other similar formations. The painful sensations may not always have an obvious cause on the outside, hence the necessity of an internal investigation. Besides, a precise diagnostic asks for a combination of other tests and evaluations too.